Voipflix Review


Voipflix Overview

Voipflix is a cheap and low cost international calls provider. Voipflix is an easy-to-use international call service that offers cheap rates, a large variety of services and convenient features. This call service is our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner because they not only offer some of the cheapest prices you will find for placing an international call, they also offer an extensive variety of services and several advanced features. Voipflix is the best service because they are easy to use, offer responsive technical support and have no monthly fees.

Editor’s Verdict

The actual Voipflix app that we’re reviewing here would only take a paragraph to explain, but the service itself is outstanding and even hundreds of pages of praise cant do justice to it.

At its core Voipflix is a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) system, which allows for worldwide calls that are connected online rather than through typical telephone exchanges. Voipflix offers international calls between any two phones at significantly reduced rates. The international leg of the call is  routed through Voipflix’s VoIP network thus saving you significant amount of money.

There’s an initially complicated procedure required to circumvent some of the charges, which involves you calling the international recipient who sees a Voipflix number on their caller ID. You ask them to hang up and call back the number they received your call from, while you stay on the line. The call is instantly reconnected, and as you’re both then talking through the Voipflix network all international charges disappear – all that’s left to pay is a local rate per minute as charged by your operator.

The iPhone app comes into play as a kind of matchmaker between you and Voipflix. You enter the details of the person you want to call, or select them from your contacts app, and the Voipflix app generates the unique global phone number you can then use to phone your friend directly. This number is automatically added to the contact in your iPhone’s address book, and you can use this Voipflix number from any phone – not just the iPhone.

It sounds like a bit of a convoluted way to make a standard phone call, and it is, but once you kick, punch and bend your brain around the unique way in which Voipflix works, it does make solid financial sense. International calls are a part of everyday life for a lot of us, but the easy connection between countries we enjoy these days isn’t reflected in the price of the calls.

Using the Voipflix app reduces a significant part of Voipflix’s tricky understanding, and is definitely worth a few minutes of head scratching for anyone who regularly phones abroad (or two – sorry, couldn’t resist).

Mobile Platforms Supported

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia / Symbian
  • Windows Mobile